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Collection Charges

Repc can come and collect your equipment free of charge, if it meets certain criteria. If the criteria for a free collection is not met then there will be a collection charge of £85 for the first 25 miles, after 25 miles there will be a fuel surcharge.

Collections with 10 re-purpose items or more will be free of charge. These collections can also include a certain number of non re-purpose items which will also be free of charge. 

Collections with 5-10 re-purpose items will be free of charge. These collections will carry the recycling costs of any non-re-purpose items included.

Collections with fewer than 5 re-purpose items will be subject to full charges of £85 for collection and any recycling costs of non-re-purpose items.

Re-purpose Items

Re-purpose items are units that Repc will be able to re-purpose for use with our projects. If you have a minimum of 10 of these items we will come and collect free of charge.

PC's and Laptops - Working, with a minimum Dual Core processor.

Flat Screen Monitors - Working, with no damage, scratches, or pressure marks on the screen.

We are also happy to accept the following items, if they are in working condition. 

Tablets, Phones, Projectors, Hard Drives (Minimum 80GB)

Equipment We Do Not Accept

Repc do not accept the following items without charges. We will make some exceptions if they are accompanied by a minimum of 10 Qualifying items. 

Repc will make a collection of non-qualifying items but it comes with a collection charge of £85 and the recycling costs of each item as shown below. 

PC's and Laptops - If badly damaged or not working. Anything below a Dual Core processor.  Recycling cost £5 per unit

TFT's - If badly damaged or not working. Recycling cost £3 per unit

Tablets, Phones, Projectors, Hard Drives (Anything below 160GB) - If badly damaged or not working. Recycling cost £2 per unit

Printers/Shredders/Copiers/Scanners. Recycling cost £10 per unit

Servers/Switches/Routers. Recycling cost £3 per unit