Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Repc is committed to providing a safe, efficient and competitive service to our customers, supporting the local communities in which we work and protecting the natural environment.

We actively monitor and limit the waste we produce, have a strategy in place to minimise our energy consumption; and wherever possible seek to responsibly source all our supplies.

Repc is the first recycling company to provide an enhanced traceability service for the equipment we recycle detailing beneficiaries of reused equipment and carbon savings achieved. We believe that this level of transparency is essential in delivering responsible IT waste disposal.

All the equipment REPC recycle is 100% traceable. We also add value and contribute to corporate social responsibility goals by:

  • Employing local people;
  • Providing computer and waste management training for disadvantaged young people;
  • Working with local schools to promote the benefits of recycling for reuse; and
  • Providing affordable alternatives to purchasing expensive new IT equipment to low income families, charities and community based groups


Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Recycling your electrical waste need not be something you do just to meet regulatory requirements. It can also be seen as an opportunity. Recycling your WEEE responsibly for reuse ensures you operate at the top of the waste hierachy and is a great way to minimise your negative impact on the envirornment and put something back into your community.

REPC provide a cost effective service that can have a positive effect on your company’s bottom line as well as benefiting your local community. We work with a range of disadvantaged groups to help them to gain IT skills and experience that improves their confidence and employability. Why not contact us to find out how your company's redundant equipment can benefit local communities through our waste to education and waste to 'green art' reuse programmes.

We ensure all of the waste processed by Repc is done so to the highest environmental standards, exceeding the minimum regulation requirements.

REPC can support customers using our enhanced traceability service to capture and record data on your environmental performance, detailing organisations and individuals that benefit from equipment that can be put back into use carbon savings achieved by recycling and reusing your waste for good causes. These are all aspects that can be used to demonstrate your social and environmental commitments.