Our Environmental Impact

The way in which our organisation impacts on the environment is important to us. We continually review our processes to ensure they are suitable for managing our impacts and risks. To demonstrate our commitment to controlling the impacts we are one of the few IT disposal companies in the UK to have been accredited with ISO 14001.

The management systems we have developed allow us to control and reduce our negative impacts to ensure the natural environment is protected. As a processor of electrical waste we are legally obliged to adhere to the WEEE Directives, as are other electrical waste recyclers in the industry. We believe it is our commitment to the environment that makes us different. We go beyond what is required by the legal directives to ensure that our negative impacts are minimal. This is for the benefit of the natural environment and gives peace of mind to our clients and customers.

Repc has identified key areas in which we impact the environment negatively. We take our impacts a step further and recognise that we can make a positive contribution.  The management of our impacts are outlined below:

Control of Negative Impacts:

To ensure 100% of electrical waste is kept from landfill

Enhanced Traceability procedures are used to ensure all waste processed can be traced from when it arrives to when it leaves. This allows us to give full transparent accounts to all of our clients of the end use of their electrical waste.

To ensure our energy use is measured and reduced to cut carbon emissions

All electrical and gas use is measured through monitoring procedures. This allows us to effectively manage our consumption to only use what is required. Monthly audits on energy use allow quarterly reviews to consider reduction options.

To ensure our consumable waste is recycled

Our administration and offices use paper, card, bottles and other consumable waste. It is our policy that all waste is recycled in the correct fashion to ensure that minimal amounts end up in landfill.

To ensure our water usage is monitored and reduced

Our in house operations use water as does any other building and office. It is our responsibility that minimal water is wasted and we continually review water consumption to consider reduction strategies.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Our cleaning and refurbishing procedures use substances that have been externally recognised as environmentally and employee friendly. This ensures the safety of our employees, volunteers and the natural environment in the event of a spillage.

Promotion of Positive Impacts:


Repc work with education groups to provide skills and experience to young people. We promote environmental protection, recycling and sustainability throughout all our programmes. This allows the young people and community groups we work with to be aware of these issues.

Carbon Savings from Recycling

There has been range of research around the environmental impact of producing PC Systems. A paper produced for the United Nations by Eric Williams (2004) found PC Systems have embedded energy of 1777Kwh which is the equivalent of 0.8 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. The energy associated with melting down parts should also be considered. Through reusing PC Systems we are reducing unnecessary production and reducing the associated carbon emissions.

The range of positive and negative environmental impacts outlined above allow our clients to distinguish Repc Ltd from other WEEE Processors, in the knowledge that we promote a healthy environment for future generations to enjoy.