Secure Data Wiping and Destruction is always a priority for Repc Ltd. Digital media and tape are widely used by many companies and organisations to collect and store data. Repc Ltd understands when equipment comes to its end of life or is being replaced and updated with the prospect of being recycled for reuse, it is imperative that any confidential data and or sensitive information stored on the equipment is securely and efficiently destroyed in line with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. REPC Ltd is committed to collecting, securely transporting, data wiping, destroying and issuing Environment Agency compliant certification for magnetic media and data destruction.

Our Data Wiping and Destruction Process

We Accept;

Hard Drives, Cd’s, Memory Sticks, Sim Cards, Dongles, Back-Up Tapes, Videotapes, Floppy Disks
We collect your equipment and transport them to our secure processing center
All data sensitive items are then securely data wiped. If that is not possible, they are destroyed.
All equipment is audited on to our internal database. Where they are given unique asset tags so they can be tracked through our process
Once data has been destroyed or wiped we then send you a full report including Data Wiping and Data Destruction certificates
Collection and Security
All equipment will be collected using REPC vehicles and security checked staff only. Once collected, equipment is supervised at all times, our site including loading areas has 24 hour recorded CCTV. Temporary storage facilities include secure cages and fire safe. Unauthorised personnel or visitors do not have access to our data wiping suite or cages. Repc Ltd guarantees that your data will be fully erased with our processes that are compliant with the US Department of Defence 5520.22-M Data Destruction Standard u0026amp; CESG – Communications-Electronics Security Group, the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance. We also provide reports and Environment Agency compliant certification for data wiping and destruction when the data wiping process is complete.