Desktop PC’s and Laptops

Our minimum spec for reuse is; Working with a dual-core processor.

We are happy to accept desktop PC’s and laptops that have a Dual Core processor or better, that are in a working or repairable condition. We can refurbish and reuse these for our charity and community projects.

We will accept desktops and laptops that have a single core or Pentium 4 processor that are broken for recycling purposes IF they are also accompanied by equipment that meets our minimum specification.

We will not solely accept equipment that is under-spec or broken.


Our minimum specification for monitors is; working, flatscreen TFT’s, 17″ and above with no damage to the screen.

We will accept monitors that are damaged or broken IF they are accompanied by monitors that meet our minimum specification and we are able to reuse. 

We will not solely accept below spec or broken/damaged monitors.

We DO NOT accept CRT monitors.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

Our minimum specification for reuse is Smart Phones and Tablets that are working or in a repairable condition. 

We will not accept older phones, or smart phones and tablet that are beyond repair IF they are not accompanied by equipment that meets our minimum specifications.

Other Equipment

Accessories; We accept Keyboards, Mice, Power Leads and Adapters, projectors, printers, servers and networking equipment.

SATA Hard Drives 80GB capacity or above. We will securely data-wipe or destroy your data, read more about data wiping and destruction process here.

Equipment we DO NOT accept

Unfortunately, there is some equipment that we are unable to accept.


CRT Monitors
CRT Televisions
Non IT related equipment