Are you looking for a FREE IT collection?

Repc Ltd offers free IT collections on your redundant equipment. Our aim is to provide services where you can responsibly recycle your equipment and prevent harmful waste going to landfill. Our fully transparent service includes collection, transfer documentation, data wiping, and reporting. All free of charge.

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Why Choose Repc?

By using Repc for your E-waste disposal you can make a difference in preventing negative impacts on the environment. You can provide IT equipment that can be refurbished and reused to bring computers to some of the poorest parts of the country. As a result, you can help bridge The Digital Divide.

In order to achieve our aim of WEEE waste prevention, we try to reuse as much as possible.  We do this by fully testing and refurbishing all equipment so they can be used in our projects and partnerships with charities and community groups.

Our aim is to reuse and re-purpose as much as possible, please look at our Accepted Equipment page prior to booking a free IT collection.

Our Service

Firstly, our Waste Carrier Licensed team will come to a location of your choosing, to collect your redundant IT equipment. Where we will provide a consignment note, with details of the equipment collected. We then transport your equipment to our secure facility for processing

Then we give your equipment a unique asset tag that allows us to track it through our entire process.  Then we audit your equipment onto our internal database.

We then process your equipment, and determine how best to use it. All devices that hold data are securely data-wiped, you can read more about our Data Wiping and Destruction process here

If the equipment is beyond repair or too outdated we send it to our team for recycling, where we break it down into component parts and sent to specialist recycling facilities for proper disposal. Read more about our Recycling program here

Refurbishment for Reuse
If we can reuse the equipment, we send it to our team for refurbishment. We use refurbished equipment for our community and charity projects. Read more about our Refurbishment for Reuse program here

Finally, once all of your equipment has been processed into our database and we have ensured all media has been securely data-wiped or destroyed.  We will send you reports, which will include data-wiping and destruction certificates.

*Please note that Repc Ltd reserve the right to refuse any collection based on our current workload. We may also refuse a collection or part of a collection if not included in the manifest or collections form, however, we will decide on a case by case basis.  You can view our; Waste Collection Terms and Conditions here.