Our Director Becomes a Sandwell Business Ambassador

We are thrilled to announce that our director, Bev Williams, is now a Sandwell Business Ambassador. This prestigious role shows our dedication to supporting and advocating for local businesses in the Sandwell area.

The Sandwell Business Ambassadors standing on a large staircase, holding their signed Sandwell Business Ambassador Charters.

From left to right at Smethwick Council House in May 2024: Jessica Lewis – Assistant Director of External Engagement & Skills at Sandwell College, Brian Cape – Chief Executive of SIPS Education, Stephanie Sullivan – Head of Marketing at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce (standing in for Siân Roberts), Elaine Bruce – Finance Manager at H&R ChemPharm, Chris Reynolds – Procurement Strategy Officer at Sandwell Council, Bevil Williams – founder and CEO of Repc Ltd, Chris Hinson – Independent Sandwell Business Ambassador, Shokat Lal – Chief Executive of Sandwell Council, Nicy Morgan – Sandwell Anchor Network Coordinator at Sandwell Council, Paul Hull – founder and co-owner of KMB Shipping Group, Lisa Nicholson – Commercial Director of GMS Group, John Wood DL – Director of Group Corporate Services at Liberty Engineering Group, Anjali Agrawal – Managing Director of CMT Engineering.

Commitment to Sandwell

At Repc Ltd, we are committed to building strong community ties and promoting responsible business practices. Joining the Sandwell Business Ambassadors aligns with our values and mission.

Sandwell Business Ambassador Charter

The Sandwell Business Ambassadors represent Sandwell businesses independently and voluntarily. They promote responsible and inclusive economic growth. The goal is to support and represent Sandwell businesses on key issues. This ensures the prosperity of every resident and business in the area.

Read more about the Sandwell Business Ambassadors Charter

Ambassador Values

  • Aspirations
    We believe a thriving community is built on empowered individuals. At Repc Ltd, we inspire businesses and individuals to reach new heights. We cultivate resilience and a passion for continuous growth. As Sandwell Business Ambassadors, we aim to foster a mindset of boundless potential in our community.
  • Local Employment and Skills
    We are committed to the development and prosperity of local communities. We create sustainable employment opportunities by investing in local talent. Repc Ltd provides pathways for professional and personal growth. We foster a culture of learning and skill development. This empowers our workforce and builds a resilient local economy.
  • Local Spend
    At Repc Ltd, we champion the value of local spending as a catalyst for shared prosperity. We prioritize local suppliers, businesses, and services. This contributes to a resilient economic ecosystem. We believe spending locally stimulates growth, fosters innovation, and sustains our community’s unique character.
  • Constructive Lobbying
    We advocate for the collective interests of Sandwell businesses. We engage with local government through transparent and constructive lobbying efforts. Our aim is to be a responsible and informed voice. We actively contribute to decision-making processes that benefit Sandwell communities.

A Commitment to Sandwell

By signing this charter as a Sandwell Business Ambassador, our director Bev Williams commits to a long-term collaborative effort. She will embody these values and represent Sandwell businesses on key issues. Our goal is to build inclusive economic growth that benefits every resident and business in Sandwell.

We are excited about the positive impact this role will bring to our community. We look forward to many initiatives and projects that will emerge from this commitment. At Repc Ltd, we are proud to be at the forefront of driving positive change and fostering economic growth in Sandwell.

Stay tuned for updates on our efforts and the progress we are making as a Sandwell Business Ambassador.

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