What is the period of the Warranty?
Unless otherwise stated all equipment and products are sold with a three month ‘Repc Back to Base’ Warranty.
To obtain the warranty service you must contact us within the warranty period.

What does this Warranty cover?
This warranty covers any technical malfunctions or defects. During the warranty period we will replace or repair any defective materials, malfunctioning items or parts free of charge or provide a full refund depending on the appropriate solution for you.

What does this Warranty NOT cover?
The warranty does not cover any conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from technical malfunction or defect.
The warranty does not cover theft, loss of product, accidental damage or damage from improper use or maintenance.
Repc’s Warranty is void if the equipment or products have been subject to, without limitation any physical damage, misuse, abuse, neglect, modifications, tampering, accidental damage by you or any other party.
The warranty does not cover any imperfections present at the time of sale.
Repc Is not Liable for any data loss resulting from product failure during the warranty period or anytime thereafter
Repc is not liable for any costs for any unauthorised repair to products during the warranty period or anytime thereafter.

What Repc Ltd will do?
To obtain the warranty service you must contact us within your warranty period.
An inspection will take place to determine the problem with the item. Once an assessment has been completed we can decide the best course of action for you.
If when assessed the fault lies within technical malfunction or defect, Repc will offer either a full refund or repair free of charge.
To claim the warranty the item must be returned to us in the state it was sent or the warranty is void. If there are any problems please contact us and we will do all that we can to resolve the situation.

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