Wowdot Partners with Repc to Eradicate Digital Poverty in Birmingham

Wowdot and Repc donating laptops
Qasim Majid (Left) and Bevil Williams (right) at the launch of Wow Connect_in campaign.

This week Repc Ltd and Wowdot launched Connect_in, a campaign to eradicate digital poverty in the city of Birmingham. Nearly 15,000 families in the city have no means to connect to the internet.

This ground-breaking collaboration have bought together other partners such as Millenium Point, the National Child Poverty Action Group, Birmingham Tech, intercity technology, Aston Villa Foundation, Birmingham Education Partnership, and others.

2020 was an exceptionally difficult year for millions of people across the UK due to Covid-19. Under lockdown, the need for home schooling and remote working have exposed the vast levels of digital inequality within our communities, with the poorest families suffering the worse impact.

Qasim Majid former President of Birmingham Asian Chamber of Commerce set up Wowdot CIC in a bid to address the digital divide by providing thousands of families across the city with laptops and connectivity.

After becoming aware of the work already being done by Repc in addressing the Digital Divide, Qasim approached Bevil Williams, CEO of Repc, to help to realise his vision.

Bevil set up Repc almost 20 years ago to help reduce digital poverty. This refers to those who cannot afford the technology that has become essential to modern economy. Having access to devices and internet in the home, gives families a better opportunity to improve education and escape the poverty trap.

How can Repc help to eradicate digital poverty?

Repc provide secure end-to-end solutions to the retirement of IT assets. This includes collection, data destruction, certification and expert repurposing of equipment for reuse.

Over the years, Repc have provided this service to many organisations such as Orbit Group, Solihull Council, Bromsgrove & Redditch Council, Accord Group, and Walsall Housing Group. Notably, similar repurposing projects to address the digital divide have been undertaken with Orbit Group. With this experience in mind, Repc is well placed to assist Wowdot in achieving their goal of eradicating digital poverty.

This week sees the launch of the project that has been in planning since the first COVID19 lockdown in March 2020. Distribution of the equipment to the families in most need have now started.

How can you help?

It costs £300 to provide a family 12 months of internet connection and a reconditioned PC or laptop.

You can support this campaign and help us reach our goal of bridging the digital divide. There are 2 ways you can help.

Your support would make a huge difference to the lives of society’s poorest families; and how we’d be setting vulnerable young people up, for a brighter future.

You can learn more about the Connect_in Campaign here: – wow dot (

You can learn more about our repurposing service here: –

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