Repc Ltd Donates Mobile Phones to Young Diabetes Patients in Walsall

In a heart-warming gesture, Repc Ltd donates mobile phones to support young diabetes patients in Walsall. This compassionate response comes following an appeal by the Paediatric Diabetes Team at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, who sought to provide vital technology to families facing financial constraints in managing diabetes.

Repc Ltd’s Commitment to Social Value

Bevil Williams, CEO of Repc Ltd, emphasized the importance of ensuring access to information technology for all individuals. He stated, “We are thrilled to support the Paediatric Diabetes Team at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust. At Repc Ltd, our commitment to creating social value extends to providing essential technology to children managing life-altering conditions like diabetes.”

The medical team expressed profound gratitude for this generous donation. Debbie McCausland, Diabetes Nurse Specialist at the Trust, highlighted the significance of these mobile phones as medical devices, saying, “For our young patients, this means they and their families can now access and use technology in their daily lives, which is essential for managing diabetes.”

During the donation event, Bevil Williams personally handed over the mobile phones to the young patients, including 17-year-old Ademaris Williams from Darlaston. Touched by Ademaris’s story and her aspiration to study graphic design in college, Bevil Williams spontaneously offered her a laptop to support her education.

Ademaris expressed her gratitude, saying, “I am really happy to have this mobile; it will help me manage my diabetes. And I am so grateful for the laptop, which will allow me to do college work at home.”

Georgie Westley, Fundraising Manager at the Trust, commended Bevil Williams for his consistent support and generosity. She stated, “Bevil has helped us countless times. I know myself and the Paediatric Diabetes Team are so thankful for his support.”

Promoting Digital Inclusivity

Repc Ltd sees this donation as an extension of its mission to promote digital inclusivity through the reuse of IT equipment. Bevil Williams, CEO of Repc Ltd, emphasized, “We are privileged to make a difference in these young lives. We’re contributing to a more equitable world, one piece of technology at a time.”

Repc Ltd’s donation of mobile phones and laptops to young diabetes patients in Walsall demonstrates their commitment to creating social value and fostering digital inclusivity. This act of generosity will undoubtedly have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of these young individuals.

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