Holy Trinity Online Centre Project Launch

Holy Trinity UK is celebrating a recent revamp thanks to a £10,000 cash boost. A grant from Lichfield Diocese, a grant from the parish church and donations from members meant that the centre has been able to improve its facilities with upgraded computers.

The centre is part of the Willenhall church’s outreach programme, where they have 30 regular members coming to one of three drop-in sessions a week.

Repc Ltd working with Holy Trinity UK were able to provide the equipment for the refurbished centre. Repc were able to supply 12 computers, 2 printers, and an interactive whiteboard. We also installed a network that enables the centre to be managed and maintained.

With the centre up and running they are able to provide somewhere for people to learn, interact and socialise.

“The Computer Club has become a massive part of my life.”

Micky Smith – Holy Trinity Church Computer Club Member

Micky Smith, a gentleman who attends the computer club said:

“The Computer Club has become a massive part of my life.

I am a seventy three year old widower who lives on my own. Going to the Computer Club twice a week enables me to leave the house without my family having to assist me and ensures I still have my independence.

My children and grandchildren know I am safe and well looked after when I am at the Computer Club and that means that they themselves can have some time away from looking after and worrying about me. It gives us all the break we need from each other without anyone wondering if the other is safe and being looked after.

I have made many friends at the Computer Club and have enjoyed many a cup of tea there sharing old stories, reminiscing and helping each other out on the computers. I feel at my age you cannot put a price on company. If I did not have the Computer Club then I would sit at home more often than not with only my TV for company.

Due to being at the Computer Club, not only do I leave the house regularly and socialize but it has also improved my time at home as well. I have learned how to use a computer, how to use the internet so I can now go on the internet when I am at home and I can also now download my music onto my laptop and listen to all my favourite songs from the comfort of my own home when I am not fit to leave. Music has always been a great passion and hobby of mine and I am very grateful to the people at the Computer Club for helping me pursue that hobby and help me listen to all the songs that fill me with happiness and remind me of good times in my life.

Recently my eldest son has moved away from the local area and my grandchildren are always away on holidays or days out. The Computer Club has taught me how to keep in contact with everyone and share these

experiences with them through using Facetime on my iPad. Due to ill health I am not always able to join in on some of the holidays and activities my family members enjoy to do, however being able to Facetime I can now be involved even if I am not always able to leave my home.

Unfortunately nearly eleven years ago I lost my wife and lifelong love and I can honestly say the care, support and routine of the Computer Club is what gets me through some of my most darkest days.”

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